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Phone Calls

emergencies.jpgMost telephone calls can be handled by the office staff and nurses. When calling the office, please have your questions organized and as specific as possible.
  1. Identify yourself
  2. State your child's name/age
  3. If illness related call, give symptoms - the most important information first
  4. Medications and dosage, if appropriate
  5. Recent weight
  6. Have pencil and paper for taking notes
  7. Name and phone number of pharmacy
When you call our office and select the medical advice option, your call will be handled by one of the office nurses. The nurse can answer your child-care questions, advise you when your child is ill and relay messages to and from the providers. In order to better serve everyone when using the medical advice option, we ask that you limit the call to 5 minutes. There are times when you call the medical advice line you may experience a long wait time. Please be patient as we are providing the same excellent service we will provide to you. If the call is regarding child-care questions, you may find your call answered more readily if you call later in the day or mid-week.