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Missed Appointments

missedappointments.jpgKeeping scheduled appointments is very important to your child’s health and to the physicians schedule.

Unless your provider specifically tells you otherwise, (in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics) we expect to see your child for well visits as follows:
1 to 3 days after birth
1 month old
2 months old
4 months old
6 months old
9 months old
12 months old
15 months old/18 months old
24 months old at 3 years old
Yearly exams after 24 months

For both sick and well visit appointments, we block your doctor’s schedule with your child’s name. Therefore, no other child can have your time. By the time we recognize that an appointment is not being kept, it is too late to have another child fill that allotted time.

If you have any type of appointment scheduled that you do not need or cannot keep, we require that you call in advance to cancel it. Doing this allows us to use that appointment time for another child. For a sick child visit, we ask that you call as soon as possible once you know you will not need the appointment. For all other appointment types, we require at least 24 hours advance notice for cancellation.

Should an appointment be missed without appropriate cancellation notice, we will charge a $50.00 missed appointment fee. Ill visits that are a no show visit will be charged $25.00. You will be responsible to pay the missed appointment fees, as these are not billable to insurance companies. If we find there is still a problem with missed appointments after that, we will need to re-evaluate the patient/physician relationship.

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