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Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Coordination of Benefits occurs when a child is covered by two or more insurance carriers one of which we participate with.

An EOB (Explanation of Benefits) is any response you receive from your insurance carrier explaining their payment or denial for each office visit.

An EOB is needed from your Primary insurance carrier before your second carrier may be billed. Your family needs to forward all EOB’s, including payment you may have received. This EOB must accompany your claim to the secondary claim. EOB’s are usually sent directly to our families, rather than to Lansing Pediatrics Associates. Active parent participation is required to accomplish this.

It is necessary for our families to keep track of all needed EOB’s . We will need one for each date of service. Keeping a copy of your request for each visit and noting “date sent to Lansing Pediatric Associates” on it when the EOB is received and forwarded to us, will help you know which EOBs may need to be followed up on. If you do not receive an EOB from your primary carrier within 4 weeks, you will need to contact that carrier. Return to Main Forms Page